A Health Fair is a wonderful way to encourage employees to get healthy. A little planning will encourage participation and help you get the most out of your budget. At Stress Recess events your Team Leader will help you set up your event area, supervise any other health fair staff, and ensure that everything goes smoothly. During the event, feel free to call on your Team Leader if you need help or have concerns.


How to Organize Your Chair Massage


Step #1 – Decide between Sign-Up or “Line Up”

You can organize scheduled appointments for massage or simply let employees come to the massage event whenever they like. Each option has its benefits:

First Come, First Served

Large, informal events such as holiday parties, health fairs, or employee appreciation days work best if you allow employees to line up to receive massage. Stress Recess therapists will adjust the length of the massage depending on demand, ensuring a smooth “flow” and short lines. (Wait times are usually 1 to 5 minutes). This “Line Up” method is especially recommended if participants are busy managers, nurses, or other workers who may find it hard to keep a particular massage appointment due to client demands.

If you have a large company: To ensure even participation, assign a block of time or a separate massage day to different groups based on their department, the floor where they work, etc. Alternatively, you can hire an extra therapist during the busiest period, (11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at most companies).

Using A Sign Up Sheet Or Online Sign-up

If you have a small group, (less than 50 people), and you offer massages at least 15 minutes long, you might want employees to sign up for an appointment. Appointments are especially recommended if participants are CSR’s, manufacturing or retail staff, or other workers who cannot freely leave their posts.

  • If you use a sign up sheet you made yourself, be sure to block out a 15 minute break for each therapist if your massage event is 4 hours or longer.
  • Please make sure employees understand that they must arrive on time or they may miss all or part of their massage.

NOTE: Appointments are not recommended for massages that are 10 minutes or less, because if employees are even a minute late, the schedule is disrupted, and it is difficult for therapists to provide good massage.


Step #2 – Chose Your Health Fair Location

Pick a larger open area for a fun, festive environment

Any open area can be a great place for a seminar. If weather is fair, it is fun to have a relaxation seminar outside on chairs or blankets, if that fits your corporate culture.   However, if wellness is new to your company or you have a conservative culture, you may wish a more private option.

Pick a private area like an office or conference room for the most quiet and focus

If your conference room is glassed in, sensitive employees may feel inhibited, so consider privacy.

Ideally, chose a large room that has a window or good incandescent light. Avoid using a room that has a refrigerator, copier, or other large device. Florescent lighting and humming electrical devices have been shown to negatively affect stress levels, so it is best to avoid them. Consider bringing in a few lamps if your office has florescent light.

If you use a conference room, make sure that all the participants can sit at the table or consider moving the table out of the way. Try to avoid leaving participants sitting on the sidelines.


Step #3 – Announce Your Health Fair Event

Email is usually the best way to let employees know about your event. Please feel free to use our Email Templates as a starting point:

TIP: If your event is first-come, first served, or if you want employees to register in order to participate, be sure to provide an email address to sign up, or direct employees to a sign up sheet posted in a common area.


Step #4 –Promote Your Health Fair Event

You might want to print and post our Announcement Poster in your break room or elevator. On the day of your visit, print and post a Door Sign outside the massage location.

You may also want to send an email reminder out the day before your event.


Stress Recess Workplace Chair Massage Frequently Asked Questions


How is my company protected from liability?

Employees participate in seminars on a voluntary basis, at their own risk. Stress Recess will provide a “sign in” sheet that provides basic information and a liability waiver. Your Stress Recess leader will collect these waiver sheets and transmit them to Stress Recess, where we store them digitally for you in case you ever need them.

  • TIP: Help protect your company by ensuring that participants who arrive late sign in! If your company is especially concerned about liability, Stress Recess can provide your waiver sheet ahead of time, so you can ensure that all expected participants sign it.


What if a company emergency delays the start of my event?

If a company emergency means that your seminar must start late, your leader will try to accommodate the change by shortening the seminar.   If you must start more than 15 minutes late, we suggest you extend the seminar time to ensure that all the content can be covered. Your leader will have an Overtime Approval form with them—just sign it, and they will take care of the rest. The overtime rate is $25 per 15 minutes, minimum charge of 15 minutes.


Who can I call on for help during my event?

At least one Stress Recess staff member at your event will be a trained local Team Leader manager. Your Team Leader can solve most issues that come up during your event. You can also call the 24/7 Stress Recess Event Help Line at 404 668 9651 to speak to your on-call Stress Recess manager.